Warp Speed Ahead for Spirituality, Thanks to Technology Used Wisely

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Warp Speed Ahead for Spirituality, Thanks to Technology Used Wisely

Warp Speed Ahead for Spirituality, Thanks to Technology Used Wisely

Some twelve years ago on one Sunday morning in Cavite, a group of people boarded two vehicles unique to the Philippines – the world-famous Philippine jeepneys. The leading one had a bullhorn attached to it, playing a popular television show’s theme song. People heard it and recognized it, and followed the jeepneys with lingering looks as they drove past.

Both jeepneys were filled to the brim with a variety of individuals, both young and old. After a while, the jeepneys parked in one town’s busy area – by the market square, and the people moved swiftly and positioned themselves to hand out flyers with sincere smiles.

After a little bit over an hour, they boarded the jeepneys once more, and circled a large residential area to give their flyers out and put them in mailboxes and house gates. Written in the vernacular, the flyers read: You are cordially invited to attend the Ang Dating Daan’s Mass Indoctrination, complete with the coordinating center’s address and phone number.

Today, the invitation is still extended on a regular basis to those who are interested to hear and understand Christ’s doctrines. The manner of inviting though, has broadened significantly, thanks to that wonderful invention of man – technology.

The Start of Savvy

The advent and success of the telegram to telephones to beepers and cellular phones have paved the way to push technology to bigger and better heights. And we Filipinos know this for a fact, being fervent lovers of technology. Even during the early 2000s, for our humble nation, technology is seemingly indispensible.

We Filipinos are known for using technology to our advantage – changing the course of Philippine politics forever by sending text messages to hordes of our kababayans, encouraging one another to don black shirts, stand as one and oust then President Joseph Ejercito Estrada via Edsa Dos. Granted, we didn’t exactly change it for the better when the one who took over the presidency actually took over, but still, the fact remains – through technology, we’ve accomplished something noteworthy.

Three Cheers for Technology!

Enter the Internet – where emails have replaced snail mail, and chatting, lengthy phone conversations. It has spawned a vast collection of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which have revolutionized information dissemination at a speed unseen in previous years. Today, with Facebook’s users numbering more than 1 billion, it’s safe to say that a considerable part of humanity is looking at that familiar blue homepage, liking or sharing something that catches their fancy.

Even on Twitter, which was launched in 2006, a few thousand users’ fancy were caught. 26,597 people RT’d this tweet from Taylor Swift, a popular singer from the US:


Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift’s Twitter account. Link: https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/146471212455968769

A bit of publicity for a song, a desire to go back in time, a cry for help, her then state of mind, a philosophical notion, or maybe a metaphysical point, we’re not a hundred percent sure. But 26,597 people retweeted that one single, ephemeral tweet, making it one of the most retweeted tweets of all time.

If something like that was retweeted several thousand times for thousands or possibly millions to read, I believe that we can all do the same for something that would benefit us all – something spiritual. Something good for the soul. After all, in these perilous times, spirituality is the best armor anyone could have.

Bro. Eli Soriano, a preacher hailing from the Philippines, who is known for answering any and all questions on faith and spirituality, believes in the power of technology in spreading God’s words, as evidenced by his tweet:


Photo courtesy of Bro. Eli Soriano’s Twitter Account. Link: https://twitter.com/BroEliSoriano/status/34035565770833920

The preacher has brought his Bible Q&A format to his Twitter account and is open for all. It is aptly called Tweetanong Mo Kay Soriano, named after his popular and award-winning religious program, which originated in the Philippines. He is taking advantage of technology to bring God’s words to a greater number of people.

With a simple click of the button — a simple “share,” “RT”, “favorite” or “like”, we could be the efficient bringers of God’s words to our friends, friends of friends, or the public – near or far and transcending time zones, through technology. While photos sporting the infamous “duck face” look and snapshots of what people had for lunch abound on our timelines and dashboards, let’s share Bible verses and words of wisdom. You’d never know who’d be able to read it and be consoled by God’s words – all because you chose to use technology wisely.

Mass Indoctrination Invitation on Facebook; from www.facebook.com/BroEliseoSoriano

Mass Indoctrination Invitation on Facebook; from http://www.facebook.com/BroEliseoSoriano

Today, leaflets are still being handed out in person, and the people doing so still give good-natured smiles. But thanks to technology, the number of people who are able to know about an upcoming spiritual event like Mass Indoctrination sessions or Bible Expositions are not limited to one busy market place and a residential area.

Thanks to the gift of technology, we are able to extend a cordial invitation to the world.

In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good. – Ecclesiastes 11:6

 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God. Luke 8:11

The Self, the Identity, the Choice, the You

Literature or Something Like It

Imagine yourself in a cafe somewhere, waiting to meet your long-time Internet pal. You met her on a World of Warcraft quest and you enjoyed her company immensely that you decide to bring your relationship to a different level – the three-dimensional kind, non-virtual kind. You wait for her and imagine how you’d introduce yourself to her. Right now, you are more than just a game character. You are you.

Then it hits you, I am me, you think to yourself. I am a student, a dozen or so virtual game characters, a son, a lousy basketball player, a physics marvel. I am a lot of me’s simultaneously. How do I get all that across on the first date? Who am I really, generally?

You panic. you remember that you are also an extremely shy guy, and decide that meeting her wasn’t really a good idea after all. You start to head for the door.


Very few are the instances wherein one can write about the self and not be tagged as vain or narcissistic. But we are here, you and I, with a tacit agreement not to talk about the parts of the self that needn’t be discussed at length, like what ice cream flavor goes hand-in-hand with one’s favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers on a cold night. We are here to discuss the deeper sensibilities of the self, the parts that are (hopefully) not meant to induce an aneurism to the most convenient human being around, which is (surprise, surprise) you. And so I write about the superstar of the self, the identity. She is that sensual lady with the red stilettos and the amazing curves that clings to the arms of the balding, middle-aged man of the self, who dictates how the world views the person she’s in, and how that person views the world, respectively.

Before that sensual lady becomes what she is in all her splendor, she was the adorable little girl.  The identity, like all things within the self, has to be nurtured and be taken care of.  Since it is an integral part of who we are as a whole, it is important that it grows and matures with us. There are influences that play a major role in the development of one’s identity, starting from one’s childhood. We’ll delve into these influences in another post.

The identity, like art, is also a tool for change. It may be used for positive and negative means. We see it all the time, this here truth, when a politician, corrupt and involved in drug trafficking, pays the local media to build him up to the masses as an all-saving superhero, who will deliver the country from poverty. His or her identity is being morphed into something bigger, something greater in scope, the development of a persona that will inevitably result in deception. But every now and again, a single individual decides to become an inspiration to those around him and molds his identity into someone worthy of being followed – of being thought of in good light; someone who is worth listening to and the end result will lead to positivity and progress. That person has served his identity well, and vice versa.

A person’s identity may be the result of traditional, cultural, situational and spiritual factors. It may arise and harden from conflict, from hardships, from trials. Whatever a person’s identity is, it will always be dependent on one key factor, which is choice. We humans are given the great gift of free will, or free choice, and our identities are tied to the choices we make.

Choice. It’s free and it’s beautiful. Prettier than the prettiest woman you know, it is.

So now that you have an idea about who you are, you may want to reflect upon it before you scurry out that door. You’ll see that you’re not that bad, and is worthy of becoming anyone’s friend. Extremely shy? This may help.  It’s about how faith can move mountains of shyness. If you have faith that you can be a very good friend even outside of a quest, then read away and take your seat. Your friend should be there any moment now.